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This website is part of the the Final Evaluation of the EU eGovernment Action Plan 2011-2015 study (SMART 2012/0060) commissioned by the European Commission and carried out by the consortium of Deloitte Consulting and Open Evidence.

More specifically, the study aims to provide a first measurement of the progresses that the European Commission and the Member States are making with respect to the vision stated in the Malmö Declaration: “by 2015 European public Administrations will be recognised for being open, flexible and collaborative in their relations with citizens and businesses. They use eGovernment to increase their efficiency and effectiveness and to consistently improve public services in a way that caters for user’s different needs and maximises public value, thus supporting the transition of Europe to a leading knowledge-based economy.”

The study will carry out three subsequent activities:

All Member States are strongly encouraged to submit information on their progress of the eGovernment Action Plan via this website (as the continuation of the self-assessment process).