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Action 2 in Austria flag Austria

Member States will develop personalised online services, including functions such as monitoring the progress of transactions with public administrations.

Indicator Status Evidence
Have you developed any personalised services? Yes - personalized One-Stop-Shop Portal for Businesses and enterprises - personalized One-Stop-Shop Portal for citizens. One-Stop-Shop portals of social security services (, Transparency portal ; eHealth portal etc. Besides that, personalized portals of the Federal Provinces exist as well as portal acces via municipality portals.
Are those personalised services available via multiple channels? Yes Depending on the difference instances, there are loacl service centres social security centers, tax service centres) as well as general eGovenment services points such as Also, municipalites offer personal service senters and chamber of commerce offer physical one-stop-shops for enterprises. There is also a general free-of-charge telephone holtine for eGovernment issues hosted by the Federal Chancellery