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Action 2 in Portugal flag Portugal

Member States will develop personalised online services, including functions such as monitoring the progress of transactions with public administrations.

Indicator Status Evidence
Have you developed any personalised services? Yes Portugal has developed several personalised services in different domains. The Enterprise Portal ( makes available a wide range of online services the enterpreneur can easily perform after authentication. Also the Taxes Portal offers citizens several services completely online, from tax submission to consultation of the personal tax situation. Both services allow the users to monitor the process. Also, to capitalize the electronic public services, Portugal defined a new concept to make these available to most citizens, even the ones who are not used to use online services. These "Espaços Cidadão" will have public servants providing the common presencial services but also helping citizens to perform these via online.
Are those personalised services available via multiple channels? Yes The personalized services are available also via call center and one-to-one presence wither in specific institutions or one-stop-shops.